The Flower Bar & School

Flower Bouquet

We are proud to be hosting the amazing artwork of Lynne Wilkinson. Please visit the boutique on Brompton Road or to learn more about her you can look up her lovely website at:

Welcome to the wonderful world of the art of floristry. The Flower Bar & School Ltd offers several seasonal classes to introduce you to this high form of art based on ancient teachings that have been passed along history. Currently the following classes are offered at our flagship shop:

Bespoke Made To Order Class
Call to book or ask about pricing and details.

Walk-In Floristry Class - 1 Hour, £95
Stop by and make your arrangement under the instructions of a professional florist. You will have a choice between a hand-tied bouquet or a flower arrangement and you get to take your creation with you. Any level is welcome.

Floristry in Fashion - 3 Hours, £200
A great class for people who enjoy creativity and new concepts. You get to tailor two floral fashionable items.

Bridal Floristry 101 - 6 Hours, £400
A full day class with a short lunch break where you get to make three elaborate bridal floral pieces.

Bridal Floristry 102 - 6 Hours, £400
A full day class with a short lunch break where you get to make two large scale weddings installations.

Please call the shop on: 020 7581 2633 or email: for any enquiries or bookings.

Complementary beverages and snacks are provided in all the classes.

Monday - Friday: 10am - 7pm, Saturday: 11am - 6pm, Sunday: Closed